Jacques Prévert's Paroles in English

Remember Barbara
It was raining ceaselessly on Brest that day
And you were walking smiling
Beaming delighted dripping
Under the rain
Remember Barbara
It was raining ceaselessly on Brest
And I passed you in the rue de Siam
You were smiling
And me I was smiling the same smile
Remember Barbara
You who I didn’t know
You who didn’t know me
Remember that day anyway
Don’t forget
A man was taking shelter under an overhang
And he yelled your name
And you ran to him under the rain
Dripping delighted beaming
And you threw yourself in his arms
Remember that Barbara
And don’t be mad if I speak to you familiarly
I speak familiarly to everyone I love
Even if I’ve only seen them once
I speak familiarly to everyone in love
Even if I don’t know them
Remember Barbara
Don’t forget
This sweet and happy rain

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The summer river

夏河を 越すうれしさよ 手に草履

Natsukawa wo/ Kosu ureshisa yo/ Te ni zori

by Yosa Buson (1716-1784), English Translation by —

The summer river.
It’s happy to walk across it.
My hands with zori sandal.


গ্রীষ্মের নদী
হেঁটে পেরোতে সুখ
হাতে চটি দুটি

Image by Анатолий Стафичук from Pixabay 

open window

ake mado no / mukashi o shinobu / sugure yume

by Ryōkan Taigu (1758–1831) , English Translation by Gabor Terebess-

open window
the past comes back
better than a dream.

অতীত ফিরে আয়
এ স্বপনের চাইতে ভালো,
খোলা জানালায়

খোলা জানালার
অতীতকে ছাড়িয়ে যায়
দেখা স্বপ্নটা

Alas! The beauty

Hana no iro wa
utsurinikeri na
itazura ni
wa ga mi yo ni furu
nagame seshi ma ni

by Ono no Komachi (c. 825 – c. 900) , English Translation by Helen Craig McCullough

Alas! The beauty
of the flowers has faded
and come to nothing,
while I have watched the rain,
lost in melancholy thought.

আহ হা রে! সৌন্দর্য
ফুলের ধুয়ে মুছে
একেবারে সব নিঃশেষ
বৃষ্টিতে চোখ রেধে
ডুবেছি নিদারুন নিরাশায়

to punish men


by, Yosano Akiko (1878-1942), English Tr. by Roger Pulvers

Made to punish men for their sins
The smoothest skin
The longest black hair…
All that
Is me!

পুরুষ জাতিকে ওদের পাপের শাস্তি দাওয়ার তরে
এই যে চিকন-মশৃণ ত্বক
লম্বা-ঘন ভ্রমর কোলো চুল
এ সব